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We are firm believers in foundational items as well as quality habits. We offer multi & letter vitamins and minerals. Collagen, greens and reds products, probiotics, digestive enzymes, products for increased heart, brain, and immune system support. Now available in-store: 1st Phorm Kiddos. For more information, feel free to call us or simply come by the store to see our full inventory.


We carry pre-workouts for all kinds of preferences and experience levels. Weather you enjoy non-stim or want to maximize pump and mind muscle connection all the way to high stim, high focus, at Like Minded Nutrition we have your back. We offer in-store sampling on select items.


We offer a variety of Proteins ranging from Whey Concentrates, Isolates, Hydrolysate, Casein, Collagen, and Plant proteins. Additionally we offer Blends + Raw Unflavored Whey Isolate


BCAA's EAA's, Creatine Monohydrate & HCL in powder & pill form, Glutamine, HMB and other Natural muscle builders. Hydration sticks, Aminos with or without carbs, post-workout carbs. Dextrose, Cluster Dextrin + Karbolyn. ATP production enhancement. Intra- workout products. Lab-Tested Flavored Creatine now available.